Palm Grove section walks

Palm Grove is named after the piccabeen palm Archontophoenix cunninghamiana that grows abundantly in this section. The main access point to this section is from Palm Grove Avenue. Parking for buses and caravans is not available. A picnic table is available at this site.

Palm Grove circuit (Grade 4)

Distance: 2.7km return

Time: Allow about 1hr walking time

Details: Explore the lush and diverse subtropical rainforest on this shady walk. Discover peaceful piccabeen palm groves, rainforest with emergent strangler figs, distinctively-buttressed yellow carabeens and fascinating fungi along the way.

Jenyns circuit (Grade 4)

Distance: 4.8km circuit

Time: Allow about 1hr 30mins walking time

Details: Incorporating the Palm Grove circuit, the Jenyns circuit leads out into drier eucalyptus forest.
Here hoop pines, brush box and grey gums abound and you will visit a grove of ancient cycads.

Caution: Please remain on the track as there are steep cliff edges. Supervise children at all times.

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