Tamborine Mountain LOOKOUTS

Tamborine Mountain has an elevation of about 550 meters above sea level, and is part of an ancient volcanic rim.  The many natural attractions on offer include breathtaking lookouts, inviting visitors to gaze in the distance and enjoy uninterrupted views to both the surrounding hinterland and the coastline.

As Tamborine Mountain is actually more plateau and therefore does not have a defined mountain peak as such, you need to travel to the edges of Tamborine Mountain to get the best views.  There are a few main lookouts you can easily access by car, as well as many lookouts you will encounter when walking in the TM National Parks – such as The Knoll National Park (looking out towards Brisbane) and Witches Falls National Park..

Westerly inland views such as the local “Rotary Lookout” and the famous “Hang Gliders” launching site are both situated on Main Western Road.

“Eagle Heights Mountain Resort” offers 180° views looking towards the Gold Coast, here you can also enjoy the beer garden, a great meal and even stay overnight if you like.

At the other end of the Tamborine Mountain plateau St Bernards Hotel has stunning views overlooking Guanaba Gorge.

For a complete list of the lookouts on the mountain visit Discover Tamborine